What is CTAP?

The Common Text Analysis Platform, or CTAP, is a set of tools that helps you manage your text corpus and automatically analyze them for various purposes. Potential uses of the system include text complexity assessment, plagiarism detection, authorship attrition, and native language detection, etc.

The CTAP Tools include modules for corpus management, feature selection, analysis generation, and result visualization. Combination of the modules makes your text analysis highly flexible.

The CTAP Tools are developed by Xiaobin Chen and Prof. Dr. Detmar Meurers at the Tübingen University in Germany. A detailed description of the CTAP project and it's design features can be found in the following paper:

Chen, X.B., Meurers, D. (2016). CTAP: A Web-Based Tool Supporting Automatic Complexity Analysis. In Proceedings of The Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Linguistic Complexity. Osaka, Japan. The International Committee on Computational Linguistics. PDF

How to use the CTAP Tools?